Association Agreement With Turkey

Chapter 9 contains the rules and procedures for preventing or resolving disputes between the parties regarding the interpretation or application of the agreement. The Member States of the Community and Turkey undertake to authorise payments or transfers related to the movement of goods, services or capital, as well as transfers of capital or profits, in the currency of the country where the creditor or beneficiary resides, as well as transfers of capital or profits, as long as the movements of capital and people between them have been liberalised under this agreement. In order to achieve the objectives of Article 4, the Association Council, in accordance with the procedure set out in Article 1 of the Provisional Protocol, establishes, before the start of the transition period, the conditions, rules and timetables for the implementation of the provisions relating to the areas covered by the Treaty on the Community to be taken into account; this applies in particular to the areas covered in this title and to any safeguard clause that may be appropriate. The agreement aimed to ensure the free movement of workers, branches and services, including almost complete harmonisation with EU policies related to the internal market. However, it excluded Turkey from any political position and ruled out an appeal to the European Court of Justice for dispute resolution to some extent. [5] Chapter 3 closely follows the approach of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS). It covers trade in all service sectors under the four types of supply. Separate annexes on the recognition of service provider qualifications (Annex X), the free movement of individuals providing services (Annex XI), e-commerce (Annex XIII), telecommunications services (Annex XVI), co-productions (annex XV), financial services (Annex XVI), health services (Annex XVII), tourism and travel services (Annex XVII) and international road and logistics transport services (Annex XIX) complete the chapter with additional disciplines specific to these sectors. The lists of contracting parties with specific obligations and derogations from the treatment of the most favoured nation (MPF) are listed in AppendixES XII and IX respectively.

These lists are subject to regular revision to further liberalize the exchange of services between the two parties. This announcement follows the withdrawal of the old ECAA-ILR directive of 16 March 2018, which operated outside the rules. The contracting parties agree that the principles set out in the competition, taxation and reconciliation provisions of the part III legislation of the Community Treaty must be made applicable in their relations within the association.

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