Car Rental Agreement Avis

If the tenant wishes to change one of the terms of the section 2.1 rental, the tenant must obtain our agreement until the beginning of the tenancy. GPS AND PORTABLE WIFI 26. The tenant acknowledges that he is responsible for: (a) damage or losses, including theft, GPS and portable Wi-Fi devices and/or their accessories. The fee is $200 plus business tax per unit; and (b) a processing and freight tax that damages an accessory and/or is not returned with the GPS or portable Wi-Fi unit. The tax is $30 plus business tax per rent. The tenant or driver pays us the consumption tax, including the local excise tax levied on the rental process in accordance with the terms and conditions. The tenant or driver must perform the daily inspection and maintenance of rental cars during the service life in accordance with section 47-2 (Daily Inspection and Maintenance) of the Highway Vehicle Code. These terms and conditions apply when we hire another company to rent a rental car and rent the car to the tenant as the owner of the rental car. If the tenant or driver changes the duration of the tenancy in accordance with section 12.1, the tenant or driver will bear the more advantageous costs of either rent for the total duration of the rent or an initial rental fee plus the costs for the extended period. The tenant or driver must use the rental car as an appropriate administrator and take care of this from the date the rental car is received until it is returned to us (hereafter referred to as the “period of use”).

With the exception of the cases described in Sections 4 and 5, the tenant or we will not make any claims regarding the cancellation or an unsigned contract. 2. We may disclose the data recorded by the disc recorder above in the case of one of the following data. (1) If it is deemed necessary to resolve accidents and problems related to this service and the car rental vehicle (information to the insurance companies with which we are contracted in the event of an accident/problem) (2) If this is required by law or by a public authority.

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