Collateral Agreement D

(d) with the exception of restrictions and restrictions imposed by credit documents or securities legislation in general, the stakes at stake and, to the extent that the intermediary entity issued by holding companies, the borrower or a subsidiary, the bonds issued are and will remain freely transferable and transferable; and does not issue any of the shares and, to the extent that they are issued by holding companies, an intermediary parent company, a borrower or a subsidiary, the issued bonds are subject to an option, a right of first refusal, a shareholders` pact, a charter, a status or contractual restriction of any kind that could, in one way or another, prohibit, obstruct or hinder the , the sale or transfer of these rights or their disposition in connection with this matter or the exercise of rights and remedies by the administrator; “loan obligations”: (a) the timely payment of (i) capital and interest at the interest rate set out in the credit agreement and interest rates (including interest incurred during the maturity of a bankruptcy, bankruptcy or similar proceeding, whether authorized or authorized in such a procedure) on loans; when and how, at maturity, by acceleration, at one or more deadlines set for the down payment or by any other means, (ii) any payment that the borrower must make under the credit agreement with respect to a letter of credit, when and how, including payments for the repayment of payments, interest and cash guarantee obligations, and (iii) all other monetary commitments of the borrower pursuant to the credit agreement and other credit documents, including the obligation to pay fees, repayments and allowances, whether primary, secondary, direct, contingent, fixed or other obligations (including monetary liabilities incurred during the period of bankruptcy); (b) timely and timely payment and execution of all other obligations in the loan file, and (c) timely payment and execution of all obligations of the other party under the agreement and other loan documents (including monetary commitments); which occur during a bankruptcy, bankruptcy, bankruptcy or similar proceedings, whether eligible or authorized in such a procedure. SECTION 5.15. An administration officer is appointed Attorney-in-Fact. Each Grantor heresafter names the administrative officer as the very counsel for this grantor for the purposes of enforcing the provisions of this Agreement and all measures and enforcement of all instruments that the administrative officer deems necessary or notified to discharge the objectives of this Agreement at any time, after and during the pursuit of a late event of which the appointment is irrevocable and of interest. Without limiting the universality of the above, the administrative officer has the right to receive, to assist, cede and/or pass on all notes, assumptions, cheques, cheque drafts, instructions, instructions, or any other payment document, except at the entry and continuation of a late event and the disclosure of the administrative officer to the borrower about his intention to exercise these rights, either on behalf of administrative officer 153 or on behalf of such a grantor (a); (b) requiring releases and releases of all security or security, receiving them, obtaining receipt and granting discharges; (c) sign the name of a grantor on an invoice or bill of lading relating to one of the warranties; (d) send debt checks to a debtor; (e) to initiate and prosecute all actions, actions or proceedings before a competent court in order to recover or otherwise implement security or guarantees; (f) all acts, actions or procedures in Z