Conscious Relationship Agreement

The conscious relationship is always a matter of our relationship with ourselves. There is no other solution. Our intimate relationships are the ultimate invitation to deepen in self-love. Appreciation: Partners engaged in lasting relationships understand that the fluidity of love is strengthened most quickly by the continuous and multifaceted practice of esteem. We enjoy verbally, non-verbally, in singing and spontaneous dances, with notes, through special dishes, essays and flowers. We are especially happy to help others expand their appreciation vocabularies and have created appreciation menus that people can find on our site. Something unpopular lies at the root of almost every relationship problem. The more each of us gives ourselves a loving presence, the more we will be available to receive and appreciate the flow of love and harmony. An unpopular part of ourselves tends to look like they live there in the other and leads to struggles for control and power.

It is much easier, more effective and productive to love oneself deeply than to try to change others. And we`ve found that the more people really love themselves, the more harmony and creativity they create around them. The simplest exercise we teach in our seminaries is something that everyone can benefit from: we believe that individuals in conscious relationships do the inner and outer work to reconcile with their higher self through silence, purpose, and communion. This agreement is only for the brave of the heart. You should not read this if you are related to the outcome of your relationship(s). Old relationship agreements emphasize that you should often sacrifice your truth or integrity to take care of our partners` feelings. In the old system, when you thought you could create emotional reactions in others, and you thought those reactions were your responsibility, it was important to create that reaction. You`ve been taught that it`s bad to hurt other people`s feelings, and that making them happy is good. What really makes a relationship “conscious”? It is neither a spiritual language, nor a meditation practice, nor a fashion statement, nor a label. Order my new book now and help me spread the conversation so we can live healthier relationships.