Depositary Agreement

The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs serves as the custodian of 78 multilateral treaties, including the Geneva Conventions. [9] In international law, a custodian is a government or organization entrusted with a multilateral treaty. [1] The main tasks of a custodian are codified in Article 77 of the Vienna Convention on Treaty Law. [2] However, the termination of the custody contract is not effective until a new custodian is appointed and the custodian cannot voluntarily withdraw. ONCAP stated that Computershare had breached its reporting obligations in the custody agreement. Had it fulfilled these obligations, ONCAP would have been aware that Computershare still held $12 million. ONCAP also stated that if it had been aware of the existence of the $12 million, it would have asked Esterline for a higher purchase price, postponed the closure until the period following April 11, 2007, or requested an adjustment in its favour after closing. The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs serves as a custodian for multilateral treaties such as the Eurocontrol Treaty. [3] Level 2 regulations define the issues to be addressed in the written agreement between the custodian and the manager and/or the FIA.

These issues are broad and include: unless otherwise required by national law, a manager is not required to enter into a specific written agreement for each FIA. The manager and custodian can enter into a framework agreement applicable to a number of AAFs managed by the manager. The Treaty Act Division of Canada is the custodian of multilateral contracts such as the Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement. [4] The Secretary-General of the United Nations serves as the custodian of many multilateral treaties, including the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. [13] In February 2001, ONCAP entered into an agreement to acquire the issued and outstanding shares of BAE at a price of $US 25.25 per share, for a total purchase price of approximately $594 million. The purchase was made by a subsidiary of ONCAP created for this purpose, called “Subco” in the briefs. Following the acquisition, Subco merged with BAE and the merged company was called CMC Electronics Inc. (CMC is known as “Subco” throughout the shutdown). New Zealand`s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade serves as the custodian of multilateral treaties such as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

[7] The British Office for Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development is currently acting as custodian of documents such as the agreement on the rescue of astronauts, the return of astronauts and the return of objects transferred into space, the UNESCO Constitution and the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Manufacturing and Storage of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and Destruction. [10] [11] Public copies are provided by The Stationery Office and the British Library. [11] A deposit bank contract for each bank account of each issuer and its subsidiaries that then exists (with a bank account other than that held by Hibernia) is properly executed by that issuer and by the bank or other deposit-taking institution with which that bank account is held.

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