Elm Guarantee Agreement

Practical measures to link the overall objectives of the UNION guarantee and its implementation must be defined in regional operational guidelines. These guidelines should be consistent with the wider framework of the Union`s regional policy, including the principle of differentiating the European neighbourhood policy. Regional technical operational guidelines should be reviewed following the adoption of this decision and updated following the mid-term review to adapt to changes in the Union`s foreign policy policies and priorities. The updating of regional operational technical guidelines should take into account, among other things, developments in eligible countries. Figure 432.62 shows, according to the rate plan and staff classifications, persons who are not TS who are entitled to compensation for a guaranteed term. TEs are guaranteed time in accordance with their union`s collective agreement. If an employee is authorized for more than a guaranteed time, the guarantee applies to as many hours as possible. For example, if an employee is entitled to 2 or 4 hours of guaranteed pay, the 4-hour guarantee is valid. Employees are not entitled to guaranteed time while temporarily assigned to non-contract positions. Note: The 5-minute rule does not apply to time rings for an employee who enters a guaranteed time status. The collaborator is credited with the time, which is reflected by its clock rings. 3. The financing agreements signed under this decision include clauses allowing the suspension of EIB financing operations and, where appropriate, recovery measures in the event of fraud, corruption or other illegal activities.

The decision to suspend or terminate EIB funding is taken by the EIB with due consideration of all circumstances and risks. In Asia, the EU is deepening its strategic partnerships with China and India, and negotiations on new partnership and free trade agreements with Southeast Asian countries are progressing. At the same time, development cooperation remains at the top of the EU`s agenda with Asia; The EU`s development strategy for the Asian region aims to eradicate poverty by supporting large-scale sustainable economic growth, promoting a favourable environment and conditions for trade and integration in the region, strengthening governance, strengthening political and social stability and supporting the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals for 2015.

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