Fltta Agreement

The DGA agreements include the Basic Agreement (BA), which includes projects taken from recordings filmed under an agreement with the Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), and apply to directors, assistant directors and production managers working in film and television. The Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement (FLTTA) is intended for video and live recording projects and applies to directors, associate directors, internship and associate production directors working in this field. This section also contains contracts and/or information on commercials, documentaries, experimental projects, industrial films, internet/mobile projects, low-budget films, reality TV and DGA contracts with different television networks. Click on the image to visit the Accords section. This section includes the DGA agreements, including the Basic Agreement (BA), the Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement (FLTTA) and the Trade Agreement. It also contains the DGA Creative Rights Handbook and rate cards. We hope you find this section informative and useful, whether you are a DGA member or employer. “MANDATORY DGA SAFETY TRAINING COMPLETED” means that the person participating in the mandatory DGA Safety Training (CSATF “A” – DGPTP Safety Passport Training) has the right to work and have successfully completed. Click on the image for more information on creative rights and see the Creative Rights Manual. “COVID-19 PREVENTION TRAINING NOT COMPLETED” refers to the right of the person to work on a basic DGA agreement or a FLTTA project has been suspended until the person has passed the COVID-19 prevention course. “COVID-19 PREVENTION TRAINING COMPLETED” means that the person has successfully completed the COVID-19 prevention course, which is required as a condition of employment under the industry`s COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement.

If you have any questions about the information in this section, please contact the corresponding part of the list in the sidebar on the right. For more information on non-compulsory additional safety training, please visit the CSATF website at www.csatf.org. To register for additional training, call (818) 847-0040 ext. 1200 “COMPLETED THE FOLLOWING THE NON-MANDATORY CSATTF SAFETY PASS COURSE (S) ” means that the person voluntarily participated in the non-compulsory CSATTF Safety Pass course and completed this additional training with practical participation and required testing, if available. . For questions about the definitions of safety training on our website, please contact the DGACA office. Click on the image to visit the “Assess Maps” section. .

The following safety training definitions are used on DGACA`s website profiles: – Note that CSATTF security courses are intended to teach safety practices; they are not qualification courses.