Member Agreement

Note the requirements you ask your members and indicate the nature of the activities considered to be contrary to the agreement. For example, compliance with all published rules, non-violation of copyrighted material or proprietary information, sending of other members, or non-attribution of membership to others. Count the consequences if one of the requirements is breached, including a tax or termination of membership. d. Subject to the restrictions contained in this Agreement, the member may at any time integrate the consortium`s software and documentation into the products, after approval by the director of software publication and documentation to the consortium members. The member may not include or integrate this software and documentation into products prior to this publication. An affiliate contract is a contract between your company and users or customers to outline expectations for both parties. The details of the agreement depend on the type of business or service you offer and how you expect user interaction. The membership agreement should cover all specifics for items such as restrictions, fees, obligations, exceptions to data protection rights and liability, in order to protect you as a business owner. Take the time to write a comprehensive membership agreement to avoid litigation or problems in the future. Write a privacy policy in the membership agreement that informs members of how you want to use their personal data.

If possible, insert an option to disable the exchange of information. Enter your contact information so members can easily contact you for any other questions or disputes. All legal proceedings arising from this agreement are classified under the responsibility of [Company.State] as agreed between the parties. This affiliation agreement defines the full understanding of the above agreement and, unless otherwise stated, does not involve written or written agreements. Any amendment or amendment to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties. E. The member may provide short-term volunteer collaborators to one or more hosts who serve the consortium as a visitor, subject to the director`s agreement, whether with, or the appropriate deputy director, if ERCIM, KEIO or BEIHANG visitors under the direction of the consortium director, if at MIT and the consortium deputy director, if at ERCIM , KEIO or BEIHANG. Hosts are not legally responsible for visitor activities. In the event of a dispute or other problem in the working relationship between visitors and between visitors, the Director or Assistant Director undertakes, if necessary, all reasonable efforts to resolve these problems. Except in extuenting circumstances, any communication relating to this contract must be provided in person or by letter certified in accordance with [Company.Name]. All membership notifications are submitted through forms deemed necessary by [Company.Name] to conclude the membership contract with a signature and date at the bottom.

The initial membership period (“start date”) begins on the date of application of this contract (“effective date”) and is valid for one (1) year from the first day of the calendar term in which the effective date is applicable (“birthday”). Subsequently, this agreement is automatically extended by one year (“conditions of extension”) from the anniversary date, unless the hosts notify the member of his intention not to renew the agreement six (6) months before the expiry of the current extension period, or if the member informs the hosts of his intention not to extend the current term at least ninety (90) days before the end of the current extension period. For all renewal conditions, the member agrees to pay an annual fee equal to the original membership fee in force.