Nh Bargaining Agreements

13.2. Safety Committee: a safety committee is established consisting of members representing full-time and regularly scheduled part-time workers and management within the bargaining unit or several bargaining units on the same site. The Committee`s objective is to develop safety education, health protection and compliance standards programs by employers and workers. Voluntary respect is first sought in order to reduce injuries and lost work days. This is not to say that public employers have been prohibited from negotiating with small groups of workers; However, such a negotiation activity would be purely voluntary and would be outside the safeguards and procedures described in RSA Chapter 273-A. 3.7.1. Negotiation period: The employer authorizes an appropriate preparation period, at least one day per week, during the straight counted years from September 1, until the start of negotiations for fifteen (15) members of the association`s bargaining team. 3.2.1. The association sends the employer an appropriate written communication for the registration in the “Check-Meldung” on workers` cheques/advice, which informs the workers that the association is the exclusive representative of the negotiations for all employees of the unit and that it therefore needs access to the worker for correspondence of the association.

The employer undertakes to place the message on employee pay cheques/consultations quarterly at the request of the association. Prior to August 2008, RSA Chapter 273-A provided that a unit of workers seeking representation by a labour organization should be made up of at least ten employees. RSA 273-A:8 (I) expressly provided that “under no circumstances are the… [Public Employee Labor Relations Board]… a bargaining unit of less than 10 people with the same community of interest.┬áThe obvious purpose of this provision was to enable the public employer to avoid the costs and inconveniences that might result from owed the fact that it must negotiate with it, with many small bargaining units. Thus, even in a larger community with enough staff to meet the “ten employees share a community of interest” test in one or more operational units (. B for example, the police, public works, teachers), the public employer could not be forced to bargain collectively with other groups of workers who did not pass the test. This is why many large municipalities have small groups of unrepresented employees. 1.2 Other agreements: the employer cannot enter into labour relations agreements with another organization or person who claims to represent a group of workers in the bargaining unit and does not provide organizations or behaviours that would involve the recognition of a group other than the association as representing workers within the unit. We are clearly entering a new era of collective bargaining. Given that the majority of employers` public budgets are consumed by wage and wage costs, special attention should be paid to the bargaining process in order to realize the competing interests of workers. 19.17.

Reduction in public recreation areas: every full-time worker is entitled to 50 per cent (50%) Discount on the entrance fee for each state recreation area. Employees must comply with the discount rules and regulations set to obtain the discount.

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