North York General Hospital Collective Agreement

You can also contact your staff representative or the nearest regional office to get a copy of your collective agreement. Here is a list of all the regional offices. – Cliquey with a clear preference. People who are “yes-boss” quickly degenerate. When you come up with new ideas, ask questions, submit incident reports, or defy the system, you`re called TroubleMaker. – people in management and management positions who should not be. Some managers harass employees, make totally rude and inappropriate comments, break employee confidentiality, engage and entertain employees with gossip, link to events, etc. It`s kind of like high school. – Weak and ineffective union representatives.

Sometimes you have to rely on the collective agreement to call management, otherwise the rules of administration/management of the union will violate or try to push you to assert things like legitimate OT salaries, dinner/meal vouchers, etc. (This is of course unit and manager depends on time) -No fair and equal playing field when it comes to career advancement. It`s very political and about “who loves you” and what your reputation is, instead of skills and experience. -Lack of periodic performance checks -No responsibility with horizontal incidents among staff, for example doctors with nurses` verbal homes, or nurses who shout at other nurses, etc. -Cultural ratchets and speaking in their own language during work – patients and family have entered care is exaggerated. Patients` wishes can be ignored or ignored at the request of their families, come on! In addition, patients and their families are selected and given greater rights and priority over staff, even when they abuse or abuse staff who care for their loved ones. Sometimes it`s quite disheartening. -Not enough emotional support for staff – you don`t always get breaks, sometimes there`s pressure to work quickly and get patients inside and out -Only Tim Hortons is available 24 hours a day, Limited meal options after hours -management will try to discourage incident reports or fight you if you ask for OT salary -Management may therefore be concerned about the “budget”, it affects the safety of human resources and the quality of patient care Patti Lang has more than 20 years of experience in the hospital sector. She knows the problems in the workplace and sees front-line workers face challenges to triumphs every day.

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