Office 365 Terms Of Agreement

(i) for university offers, requirements for educational institutions (including governments or educational institutions, public libraries or public museums) in; You will find legal terms on the following points. A. You agree to the processing of personal data by Microsoft and its agents in order to facilitate the purpose of this Agreement. As part of this agreement, you can provide Microsoft with personal data on behalf of third parties (including your contacts, resellers, distributors, administrators and employees). You will obtain all necessary consents from third parties under existing data protection legislation before providing personal data to Microsoft. This online microsoft subscription agreement exists between the entity you represent or, if you do not name an entity related to a subscription purchase or subscription renewal, individually (“you” or “you”) and Microsoft Corporation (“Microsoft,” “we,” “us” or “ours”). It consists of the terms and conditions below as well as online terms of service, SLAs and offer details for your subscription or renewal (together the “contract”). It will come into effect on the date we will confirm your subscription or, if necessary, on the date your subscription is renewed. Keywords are set in section 8. Good question. From microsoft FAQ: “An administrator can change the terms of use and requires acceptance of the new conditions.” f. Duration of agreement and termination. This agreement remains in effect for the duration of a subscription it has acquired as part of this subscription.

You can terminate this contract at any time by contacting your dealer. The expiry or termination of this contract only terminates your right to place new orders for additional products under this Agreement. f. Previews. We can provide insights. Previews are provided “as will be seen,” “with all errors” and “available” and are excluded from the SLAs and all the limited safeguards contained in this agreement. Previews may not be covered by the after-sales service. We may change or stop forecasts at any time without notice.