Rental Agreement Automatic Renewal Clause

I receive one-month contracts, after 3 consecutive months, the owner of the company says: “Don`t worry about the 4-month contract, we put an automatic extension”. I think the work I do at month 4 is paid at the end of the month and takes a risk? My gut tells me that one-month inclusion contracts are not combined with 3-month contracts and allow me to access the renewal clause. I certainly don`t want to work for a month to find out otherwise. This first renewal period, under the conditions provided for in this agreement and the rent to be paid to the lessor by the tenant during the option period, is increased by 8% of the monthly rent payable during the year that continues the option period. “First, check to see if there is an explicit renewal clause. In the absence of an explicit clause, you do not have a permanent debt relationship unless you remain in the rental unit after the lease expiry date. In this case, “hold on” and become a monthly tenant responsible for continuing the tenancy until you give your landlord 30 days` notice. Radio Rentals, a UK-based consumer goods and services company specialising in retail trade and appliance rental[20], has implemented a 2-3-4 year rental policy where consumers who could not afford an item rented it for a period of 2, 3 or 4 years. The commercial agreement was included in the Evergreen clause and determined that the rental item had to be purchased towards the end of the lease period to prevent the contract from being automatically extended by a new lease term.