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On this page, you will find all the necessary forms to register for the RotC program of the Jackson State University Army and enter into a contract. Click on a link to download the corresponding form. The forms are available in .xls (Microsoft Excel Table), .pdf (Adobe Acrobat document) or .doc (Microsoft Word document) that can be opened with free software available on the Internet, such as open office. B and Adobe Acrobat. NOTE: If you have problems opening a PDF file in the browser, save the file to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader. CONTRACTING CHECKLIST Here are the documents needed to conclude with JSU Army ROTC. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Rodney Hall, Recruitment Operations Officer. CC Form 104-R Planned Academic Worksheet Form CC 104-R. This is probably the most important document you will fill out as a cadet. This form is an academic plan for the cadet who must follow to graduate on time. Each DEMANDE of a ONE ROTC scholarship is based on this form and the date you need to graduate. The Cadet Command Form 104-R must be fully signed by the Academic Advisor, cadet and Military Science Professor.

It is a requirement for every cadet who enrolls in the program to be completed. In the event that the cadet commits to becoming an officer, this document becomes an agreement between the university, the army and the cadet on scholarships and a schedule for commissioning after closing. This is not a truly binding contract for military service, but a realistic preacher of academic requirements and graduation. The 104-R is intended only for graduation/Commission purposes in the stated curriculum. On this page are all the forms you need to sign up for the A-State Army RotC program. Click on a link to download the corresponding forms. The forms are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Document) and require free download of Adobe DC Reader on this link: Adobe Acrobat DA Form 3425-R Fit to Train. This form must be taken to your family doctor`s office or the Student Health Clinic ($35) to obtain a “physical sports sport.” You will not be reimbursed for this individual. Without a doctor`s or AP signature, you will NOT be able to conduct any type of physical or laboratory training outside the classroom. PRE SERVICE CADETS: If you have a physical military MEPS of the USAR, Active Service or National Guard, which is less than a year old, we can use the MEPS to replace this form of “fit to train”; bring all 8 pages (DD forms 2807-1 and 2808).

Form CC 137-R Authorization/declination for access to student datasets. This form gives parents/facilitators permission for applications of students in possession of the ROTC program.

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