Va Rental Agreement

E. The obligations of the victim as a tenant according to . 55.1-1227 remain until the termination comes into force in accordance with paragraphs .B. All tenants of the rental agreement with the victim remain responsible for the rent of the balance of the tenancy agreement. If the offender is the sole tenant bound by the tenancy agreement, the landlord may terminate the tenancy agreement and against the offender after . 55.1-1251 The tenant remains responsible for paying the rent under the rental agreement for the duration of a temporary move. The owner pays for all repair or repair costs necessary to remedy the condition of the property not in difficulty. The tenant`s refusal to cooperate with a temporary move in accordance with this subsection is considered a breach of the tenancy agreement, unless the tenant agrees to evacuate the unit within 30 days` notice and to terminate the lease. If the landlord correctly corrects the non-troubled property within 30 days, nothing in this section should be interpreted in such a way that the tenant is allowed to terminate the tenancy agreement. In addition, nothing in this section should be interpreted in such a way as to prevent the lessor from taking legal action against the tenant for non-compliance with the tenant during the temporary relocation period in accordance with this subsection. During the rationalization of an illegitimate inmate filed by the landlord against the tenant, the landlord may ask the court to seize an order requiring the tenant to allow the landlord access to such a dwelling unit. B.

The owner may require this authorized contact person to provide appropriate proof of identity. Subsequently, the authorized contact person (i) identified in the rental agreement, the tenancy agreement or other landlord document may have access to the dwelling unit or the rental rockets managed by the landlord and (ii) rightly claim the personal property of the deceased tenant and, moreover, deal with the deceased tenant`s affairs with the landlord. 4. The tenant is late to a provision of the tenancy agreement that seriously affects the health and safety of himself or others.