Washington State Employment Severance Agreement

Contractual obligations – If you have an employment contract, it may grant you certain rights after your breakup. Read it carefully. Consider talking to a lawyer to make sure the employer gives you everything the agreement lists. What if I had a job? An employer can terminate any contract employee at any time, for one reason or another. An employer is not required to give notice to the worker. If you have any questions about your working relationship, speak to the staff representative. The staff representative can see things from the employer`s point of view, not from your point of view. If you think your employer has fired you illegally, talk to a lawyer. If you`ve been dropped and offered them a compensation package, you can take a few steps to make sure you get the best possible offer: Departure packages are often an attractive option for someone who doesn`t have a job. How the money is distributed to the former employee and the period in which the money is distributed should be clearly defined in the severance agreement. Some workers have written or unspoken individual employment contracts.

Trade unionists may have collective agreements. Public employees may be protected by laws, local laws or regulations. When an employee withdraws or is fired, it becomes of the utmost importance to companies that have valuable proprietary information to ensure that the information is not passed on to a competitor. A common way to do this is to offer severance pay in exchange for an employee who accepts restrictive agreements such as non-competition obligations and non-disclosures. Enter the no-disappear clause. This clause prevents the outgoing employee from making negative statements about the company and sees possible financial consequences for the breach of the agreement. In some cases, the disparation clause is made to each other, resulting in both the company and the outgoing employee making negative statements about the other. In the case of dismissal, particularly when employees are dismissed without fault and/or have worked for a considerable amount of time for the employer, some companies have a severance pay policy for the dismissed worker.